education, training, and learning development

Education, Training and Learning Development

Whether you need assistance implementing organisational training sessions, or you need to develop unique course contents for your online/on- campus academy, or don’t know where to begin with e-learning, we provide strategic services that meets your demands.

Redefining Education

Are you looking for a company to build a training program for your organisation? 

Are you looking for a company to build a course for your online school or training? 

Do you need e-learning consultants and Subject Matter Experts? 

The Signature Consulting has helped companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies around the world to design and develop creative and interactive training solutions. 

We have a network of trainers, instructional designers, subject-matter experts, researchers, writers, editors, and more.

Our consulting services include:

Facilitating Effective Workshops
Leadership Development
Corporate Seminars
Organizational Training
Online Course Development
Custom Course Materials
Instructional Design
Subject Matter Experts
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